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AuthorD.N. Ray Chaudhuri
TitleRevision of Greenidae and related genera (Homoptera, Aphididae)
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
AbstractThe present paper contains the results of studies on the tribe Greenideini of the subfamily Greenideinae Takahashi, 1931, a primitive group of Aphididae mainly restricted to East Asia. Material could be studied of twentyseven species described by previous authors, while seven species had to be described as new. Some changes had to be effected in the systematic arrangement, so that at present six genera (old and new) are recognised in the group, together including five subgenera. In spite of repeated attempts not all the species so far described could be examined, accordingly in a final chapter notes are added on the species that were not available.
The project for carrying out research work on Aphididae could be realised through the kind help of Mr. D. Hille Ris Lambers at Bennekom, who not only selected a suitable subject for these studies (the genus Greenidia and its allies), but also placed the valuable material from his private collections at my disposal together with the literature of the group from his library, and, moreover, arranged for the loan of specimens from other institutions.
After having discussed at Bennekom the plans for the investigations, the work was carried out in the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie at Leiden, whilst the results were supervised by Mr. Hille Ris Lambers during my repeated visits to Bennekom; I am greatly indebted to him for assiduous guidance and for hospitality received at his home.
In the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie help and encouragement was received from Professor H. Boschma in various ways, while manyfold help was obtained from Dr. L. B. Holthuis, curator of Crustacea. Thanks are due to Dr. W. Vervoort, Zoological Laboratory, Leiden, for the micro-
Document typearticle
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