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AuthorsF.E. Loosjes, A.C.W. Loosjes-van Bemmel
TitleOn a collection of Peruvian Neniinae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Clausiliidae), with a check-list and a provisional key to all the Peruvian species known
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
KeywordsMollusca; Clausiliidae; key; checklist; taxonomy; Peru.
AbstractAn annotated list is given of all Neniinae collected in 1975 by Dr. A. S. H. Breure in Peru. The localities that have been visited are also listed, together with the Neniinae collected there. Pseudogracilinenia gen. nov. is described for P. huallagana (Pilsbry, 1949) (type-species) and P.jolyi (O.
Boettger, 1880); the latter species is only tentatively classified with Pseudogracilinenia because its anatomy is still unknown. Temesa (T.) breurei spec. nov. after eight specimens (shells) from 34 km N. of Junin. In addition a provisional key to all Peruvian Neniinae known is given, as well as a revised checklist.
Document typearticle
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