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AuthorC.H.J.M. Fransen
TitleLeontocaris vanderlandi, a new species of hippolytid shrimp (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea) from the Seychelles, with an analysis of phylogenetic relations within the genus
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
KeywordsCrustacea; Decapoda; Caridea; Hippolytidae; Leontocaris vanderlandi spec. nov.; Seychelles; phylogeny
AbstractA new species of hippolytid shrimp, Leontocaris vanderlandi spec. nov. is described from deep water off the Seychelles. A comparison with the four other species in the genus is made, and a key to their
identification is provided. A phylogenetic analysis of the species within the genus is presented.
Document typearticle
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