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AuthorD. Noordam
TitleHormaphidinae from Java (Homoptera: Aphididae)
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
KeywordsAphididae; Aleurodaphis; Astegopteryx; Cerataphis; Ceratoglyphina; Ceratovacuna; Distylaphis; Euthoracaphis; Glyphinaphis; Mesothoracaphis; Metanipponaphis; Neohormaphis; Nipponaphis; Pseudoregma; Rappardiella; Reticulaphis; Schizoneuraphis; Sinonipponaphis; Thoracaphis; taxonomy; key; Java; galls; bamboo; palms; orchids.
AbstractDescriptions are given of 18 genera and 56 species, with keys to the apterae and alatae viviparae.
The following new genera and species are described: Astegopteryx glandulosa spec. nov., from Gigantochloa spec. and other bamboos; A. setigera spec. nov., from Styrax benzoin Dryander; Cerataphis pothophila spec. nov., from Pothos roxburghii de Vriese; Ceratovacuna floccifera spec. nov., from bamboo; C. keduensis spec. nov., from bamboo; Distylaphis gen. nov. (with type species Schizoneuraphis foliorum Van der Goot, 1917); Mesothoracaphis gen. nov. (with type species Thoracaphis rappardi H.R. Lambers and Takahashi, 1969); Metanipponaphis vandergooti spec. nov., from Lithocarpus sundaicus (Bl.) Rehd.; Neohormaphis gen. nov., with N. calva spec. nov. from Distylium stellare O.K., and Quercus spec.; Nipponaphis breuipilosa spec. nov., from Castanopsis argentea (Bl.) DC.; N. javanica spec. nov., from Castanopsis acuminatissima (Bl.) A. DC., and Quercus spec.; N. multisetosa spec. nov., from Castanopsis javanica (Bl.) DC; N. semiglabra spec. nov., from Lithocarpus bennettii (Miq.) Rehd.; Rappardiella gen. nov. (with type species Oregma loranthi Van der Goot), with R. cerina spec. nov., from Dendrophthoƫ pentandra (L.) Miq.; R. macrosoleni spec. nov., from Macrosolen cochinchinensis (Lour.) Tiegh.; R. plicator spec. nov., from Scurrula spec.; R. scurrulae spec. nov., from Scurrula spp.; Schizoneuraphis litseicola spec. nov., from Litsea amara Bl.; S. longisetosa spec. nov. from galls of Distylium stellare O.K.; Sinonipponaphis hispida spec. nov., from Lithocarpus indutus (Bl.) Rehd. Astegopteryx unimaculata spec. nov. for Oregma insularis sensu Van der Goot (1917).
Document typearticle
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