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AuthorsE. Nurtjahya, D. Setiadi, E. Guhardja, Muhadiono, Y. Setiadi
TitleSuccession on tin-mined land in Bangka Island
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
KeywordsBangka; succession; tin-mined land
AbstractA quantitative study of floristic composition and vegetation structure was conducted at Bangka Island, Indonesia. Six different vegetation types were chosen, riparian forest, abandoned farmland, and natural regeneration of tin-mined lands of different ages: 0 and barren, 7, 11 and 38 years’ old tin-mined land. The seedling composition of the oldest tin-mined land was less than 2 % similar to that of a riparian forest. Natural regeneration on 7-year old tin-mined land began with herb species belonging to Cyperaceae, Poaceae, and Melastomaceae; followed by herb species belonging to Asteraceae and Poaceae on 11-year old; then by Poaceae and shrub species of Myrtaceae on 38-year old tin-mined land. Older tin-mined land tended to have less sand, higher nutrients and cation-exchange capacity. The phosphate solubilizing bacteria showed a gradual increase along with the more newly abandoned tin-mined land but decreased in barren tin-mined land, while the number of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal spores showed the opposite.
Document typearticle
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