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AuthorL.W. van den Hoek Ostende
TitleInsectivore faunas from the Lower Miocene of Anatolia - Part 7: The Kargi assemblages
JournalScripta Geologica
KeywordsAnatolia; Insectivora; biostratigraphy; Early Miocene
AbstractThe insectivores of three assemblages from the Kargi K.Y.B. lignite mine are described. These assemblages are considered to be of Early Miocene age, intermediate between those from Inkonak and Kilçak. In Kargi 2 a shrew was found that was not yet known from Lower Miocene deposits in Anatolia. All other insectivores found were encountered in Inkonak and/or Kilçak also. Notable absentees are the talpids Theratiskos and Suleimania, a small shrew and the dimylid Turkodimylus. The two talpids and the shrew are probably Asian immigrants that appeared in Anatolia after the deposition of the Kargi lignite sequence. The absence of Turkodimylus is probably a result of the small sampling sizes.
Classification42.84 ; 38.22
Document typearticle
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