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AuthorJ. Parnell
TitleNumerical analysis of Thai members of the Eugenia-Syzygium group (Myrtaceae)
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
KeywordsEugenia; Jambosa; Syzygium; cladistics; phenetic analysis; phylogenetic analysis
AbstractFour different analyses of Thai Syzygium show, with very small discrepancies, that one smaller monophyletic and one larger polyphyletic group can be recognised. The smaller monophyletic group warrants sectional rank as Syzygium section Jambosa and consists of S. anacardiifolium, S. aqueum, S. diospyrifolium, S. formosum, S. foxworthianum, S. jambos, S. lakshanakarae, S. malaccense, S. megacarpum, S. papillosum, S. pseudoformosum, S. pycnanthum, S. samarangense, S. scortechinii and S. siamense.
Document typearticle
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