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AuthorsO. Ocaña, L.P. van Ofwegen
TitleTwo new genera and one new species of stoloniferous octocorals (Anthozoa: Clavulariidae)
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
KeywordsCoelenterata; Cnidaria; Anthozoa; Clavulariidae; Canarya; Denhartogia; Sarcodictyon; stoloniferous octocorals; Canary Islands; eastern South-Africa
AbstractA new genus and species of stoloniferous octocoral from the East coast of South Africa is described and depicted. Additionally, a new genus is described to accommodate Sarcodictyon canariensis Ocaña et al., 1992. The new taxa are placed in the stolon-bearing family Clavulariidae.
Document typearticle
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