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11   Article: Robustunguis gen. nov., a genus of decapod associated laophontids (Copepoda: Harpacticoida)
F. Fiers, in: Zoologische Mededelingen, Vol. 66 (1992), p. 399-412
12   Article: Synopsis of lichomolgid copepods (Poecilostomatoida) associated with soft corals (Alcyonacea) in the tropical Indo-Pacific
A.G. Humes, in: Zoologische Verhandelingen, Vol. 266 (1990), p. 1-201
13   Article: Two new Copepods parasitic on Caribbean Polychaetes
Jan H. Stock, in: Studies on the Natural History of the Caribbean Region, Vol. 72 (1995), p. 1-11
14   Article: Willem Vervoort as a copepodologist: the impact of his scientific Ĺ“uvre
J.C. von Vaupel Klein, in: Zoologische Verhandelingen, Vol. 323 (1998), p. 21-23
15   Article: Willem Vervoort, eminent zoologist and museum director, a sketch of his life and work on the occasion of his 80th birthday in 1997
A.C. van Bruggen, in: Zoologische Verhandelingen, Vol. 323 (1998), p. 1-15