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AuthorsH.E. Coomans, R.G. Moolenbeek
TitleNotes on some Conidae from Oman, with description of Conus stocki n. sp. (Mollusca; Gastropoda)
JournalBijdragen tot de Dierkunde
KeywordsGastropoda; taxonomy; Conus; Oman
AbstractSeveral Conus species of the coast of Oman are revised. Conus stocki n. sp. is described from Masïrah Island. For C. ardisiaceus Kiener, 1845, a neotype is designated. A lectotype is selected for C. luctificus Reeve, 1848. C. lischkeanus tropicensis Coomans & Filmer, 1985, has a disjunct range in the Indian Ocean. The recorded distribution of C. parvatus sharmiensis Wils, 1986, is enlarged from the Red Sea to the coast of Oman. c. quasimagnificus Da Motta, 1982, is provisionally considered a subspecies of C. pennaceus Born, 1778.
Document typearticle
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