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AuthorA.G. Beu
TitleNeogene fossil tonnoidean gastropods of Indonesia
JournalScripta Geologica
KeywordsGastropoda; Tonnoidea; Neogene; Indonesia; taxonomy; biogeography
AbstractTonnoidean gastropods in K. Martin’s and other collections in the Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum, Leiden (and a few other minor collections) are reidentified and classified. The resulting fauna of 99 species is very similar to that of the Indo-West Pacific today, 70% of species still inhabiting the Indonesian region. Species endemic to the Miocene and Pliocene rocks of Indonesia are Bursa sangirana sp. nov., and two new (unnamed) species similar to Bursina ignobilis (Beu); Cassis depressior Martin and C. preangerensis Martin; Cypraecassis denseplicata (Martin) and an unnamed species of Cypraecassis; Sconsia martini van Regteren Altena and S. pulchra Pannekoek; Echinophoria vandervlerki Martin (possibly a synonym of E. wyvillei (Watson)); Phalium menkrawitense Beets and P. rembangense (Martin); Distorsio denseplicata van Regteren Altena and D. djunggranganensis (Martin); Biplex magnifica (Martin), B. pamotanensis (Martin) and B. perliberalis (Beets); Cymatium (Monoplex) gembacanum (Martin) (?=C. exaratum (Reeve)), C. rembangense (Wanner & Hahn), and C. tjaringinense (Martin); Cymatium (Ranularia) pseudopyrum (Martin) and an unnamed species of C. (Ranularia); Cymatium (Septa) dharmai sp. nov.; Sassia (Cymatiella) fennemai (Martin), S. (C.) menkrawitensis (Beets) and an unnamed species of S. (Cymatiella); Eudolium erbi (Haanstra & Spiker), E. errabundum (Beets) and E. pamotanense (Martin); Malea(?) papuana (Beets); and Sconsodolium (gen. nov.) rembangense (Pannekoek). These 30 species (30% of the recorded fauna), and the generic groups Sconsia, Sconsodolium and Sassia (Cymatiella), are all “additional” tropical western Pacific taxa that became extinct before the present day (Sconsia and Sassia (Cymatiella) only locally), as a result of Pleistocene climate change. Species previously included in Bufonaria Schumacher prove to belong in two distinct genera; species closely related to “Bursa” nobilis have a subcentral (rather than mid-left edge) opercular nucleus and are reclassified in Bursina Oyama. “Sconsia” rembangensis Pannekoek is an elongate, axially ridged cassid with a coarsely plicate inner lip; the new genus Sconsodolium is proposed for it. Galeodea bituminata (Martin) and G. carolimartini Beets are both earlier names for the western Pacific species (originally described in the Recent fauna) previously known as G. echinophorella Habe. Eudolium javanum (Martin) is an earlier name for the Indo-West Pacific species (originally described in the Recent fauna) previously known as E. pyriforme (G.B. Sowerby 3rd), whereas E. bituminata Martin is a synonym of the near-cosmopolitan species E. bairdii (Verrill & Smith). Ranella spinosa var. granosa Martin is either an earlier name for the western Pacific species (originally described in the Recent fauna) previously known as Bufonaria perelegans Beu, or a closely similar, but distinct, species. Purpura bantamensis Martin, Cassis tegalensis Martin, Dolium losariense Martin, and Tritonium verbeeki Boettger are all synonyms of Cymatium (Linatella) cingulatum (Lamarck).
Document typearticle
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