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AuthorsM. Ardiyani, A. Anggara, J. Leong-Škorničková
TitleRediscovery of Curcuma sumatrana (Zingiberaceae) endemic to West Sumatra
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
KeywordsEndemic Curcuma; ethnobotany; Ginger; Indonesia; lectotype; Pariaman; West Sumatra
AbstractA recent exploration of Sumatra resulted in the re-collection of Curcuma sumatrana, an endemic Zingiberaceae species of unclear identity that was first described by Miquel nearly 150 years ago. The history of this species is discussed, a detailed description with a colour plate is provided and a lectotype is designated. Curcuma sumatrana currently qualifies under IUCN assessment as vulnerable, but due to the decline of its habitat, it is likely to fulfil the criteria as endangered in near future. As there is no comprehensive revision of the family Zingiberaceae for Sumatra in progress, it is meanwhile important to make accessible the characteristics of this endemic species to facilitate its proper identification and conservation management.
Document typearticle
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