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AuthorD.C. Darling
TitleNew species of Krombeinius (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Perilampidae) from Indonesia, and the first description of first-instar larva for the genus
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsHymenoptera; Chalcidoidea; Perilampidae; Krombeinius; Indonesia
AbstractTwo new species of Krombeinius from Indonesia are described and illustrated, K. kubah from Java and K. dictyon from Sulawesi. In addition, K. eumenidarum Bouček and K. megalaspis (Cameron) are redescribed to allow comparison with the closely related species, K. dictyon and K. kubah, respectively. The first-instar larva of K. kubah is described from an aculeate wasp cocoon associated with the holotype and these planidia are compared with those known for Perilampidae and Eucharitidae. The new species are accommodated in the key to species and phylogenetic analysis of the genus presented in Darling (1988) and the biogeographic implications of the phylogeny are discussed.
Document typearticle
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