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AuthorJ. Klackenberg
TitleNew species and combinations of Secamone (Apocynaceae, Secamonoideae) from South East Asia
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
KeywordsApocynaceae; Indonesia; Malaysia; new combinations; new species; Secamone; Toxocarpus
AbstractFive new species of Secamone (Apocynaceae, Secamonoideae) from Malaysia and Indonesia, viz.
S. lenticellata from Sarawak, S. coronata and S. longituba from Kalimantan, S. sumatrana from Sumatra, and S. kunstleri from the Malayan Peninsula, are described, illustrated and compared with related taxa. Furthermore, ten new combinations are proposed: Secamone curtisii, S. glabrescens, S. griffithii, S. lagenifera, S. langkawiensis, S. penangiana, S. rhopalophora, S. scortechinii, S. siamensis and S. spirei.
Document typearticle
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