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AuthorsC. van Achterberg, M. Kenis
TitleThe Holarctic species of the subgenus Allodorus Foerster s.s. of the genus Eubazus Nees (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)ae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
Volume73, 12-33
KeywordsHymenoptera; Braconidae; Helconinae; Brachistini; Eubazus; Allodorus; Palaearctic; Nearctic; Holarctic; key; Coleoptera; Curculionidae; Pissodes; biology; sibling species
AbstractFour new species of the subgenus Allodorus Foerster s.s. (= Eubazus semirugosus (Nees)-group s.s.; Braconidae: Helconinae) are described and illustrated: E. abieticola spec. nov. from France, Austria, Switzerland and Germany, E. elongatus spec. nov., E. ochyrus spec. nov., and E. heothinus spec. nov. from Canada. E. abieticola spec. nov. has been reared from Pissodes piceae (Illiger) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in the cambium layer of Abies alba Linnaeus, and E. heothinus spec. nov. from P. striatulus (Fabricius) in the trunk of Abies balsemea (Linnaeus). A key to the Holarctic species of the subgenus Allodorus s.s. is added. New synonyms are: Brachistes noctua Ratzeburg, 1844, B. firmus Ratzeburg, 1844, Sigalphus tenthredinum Hartig, 1847, and Calyptus strigator Thomson, 1892, of Eubazus robustus (Ratzeburg, 1844); Bracon tuberculator Zetterstedt, 1838, Eubadizon rufipes Herrich-Schäffer, 1838, Sigalphus curculionum Hartig, 1847, Calyptus truncatus Thomson, 1892, C. mucronatus Thomson, 1892, C. atricornis var. glabrata Fahringer, 1941, and C. atricornis var. arete Fahringer, 1944, of Eubazus semirugosus (Nees, 1816). Neotypes are designated for Sigalphus semirugosus Nees, 1816, and Brachistes robustus Ratzeburg, 1844. Lectotypes are designated for Brachistes atricornis Ratzeburg, 1848, Sigalphus curculionum Hartig, 1847, and Calyptus mucronatus Thomson, 1892. New combinations are: Eubazus calyptoides (Martin, 1956), E. definitus (Muesebeck, 1957), E. ernobii (Muesebeck, 1957), and E. strigitergum (Cushman, 1930).
Document typearticle
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