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AuthorTh. Heijerman
TitleHet snuitkevergenus Larinus in Nederland, met Larinus turbinatus als nieuwe soort voor de fauna (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
JournalNederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen
KeywordsVerspreiding; Nederland; Snuitkevers; Curculionidae
AbstractThe weevil genus Larinus in the Netherlands, with Larinus turbinatus as an addition to the
Dutch fauna (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
Larinus turbinatus is reported for the Netherlands for the first time. The first record of this
species is from 2004, when one specimen was swept from a chalk grassland in the very south
of the Netherlands. Since then the species was discovered at several sites. Apart from L. turbinatus
the genus Larinus includes two other Dutch species, viz. L. planus and L. sturnus. Data on
the Dutch and European distribution and ecology of all three Dutch species are presented.
A key to the three Dutch species is presented. Many other insect species have recently expanded
their distribution in the Netherlands and some authors think that this may have resulted from
climate change. For Larinus turbinatus this explanation seems not to be appropriate since the
species also occurs in more northern regions within Europe, with a cooler climate.
Document typearticle
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