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AuthorsH. Wijnhoven, Th. Zeegers
TitleFaunistisch overzicht van de Nederlandse pissebedvliegen (Diptera: Rhinophoridae)
JournalNederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen
KeywordsInsecta; Diptera; Rhinophoridae; Nederland; Biologie; Herkenning; Verspreiding; Biotopen; Gastheren
AbstractFaunistic review of the Dutch woodlouse-flies (Diptera: Rhinophoridae)
The faunistics of the seven Dutch species of Rhinophoridae are discussed. Of each species a short diagnosis , its distribution in the Netherlands, habitat and phenology are given. The larvae of all Rhinophoridae are endoparasites on woodlice (Isopoda: Oniscidae). In a separate paper information on associations with hosts and other ecological information will be discussed.
Document typearticle
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