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AuthorW. Renema
TitleThe genus Planorbulinella (Foraminiferida) in Indonesia
JournalScripta Geologica
KeywordsPlanorbulinella; Foraminiferida; Indonesia; Neogene; systematics
AbstractSpecies of Planorbulinella are common in several southern European Neogene sections, as well as on recent reefs in the Indo-West Pacific. So far, they have only been recorded rarely from the Neogene of the Indo-West Pacific region. The only published records are from the Early Miocene of Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. Two new species, a new record of a known species and an as yet undescribed species from the Neogene of Indonesia are reported herein. This increases the number of known Planorbulinella species from Indonesia to at least five.
Document typearticle
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