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AuthorC. van Achterberg
TitleRevision of the Haliday collection of Braconidae (Hymenoptera)
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
KeywordsBraconidae; Adeliinae; Agathidinae; Alysiinae; Aphidiinae; Blacinae; Cenocoeliinae; Charmontinae; Doryctinae; Euphorinae; Exothecinae; Gnamptodontinae; Helconinae; Macrocentrinae; Miracinae; Microgastrinae; Opiinae; Pambolinae; Rhysipolinae; Rhyssalinae; Rogadinae; Palaearctic; Neotropical; Australian.
AbstractThe type-series of the taxa of the family Braconidae described by A.H. Haliday (1806-1870) are reviewed, 99 lectotypes are designated, 24 new synonyms and 22 new combinations are given. Lectotypes are designated for the following nominal species: Alysia (Dacnusa) abdita Haliday, 1839; Opius (Opius) aethiops Haliday, 1836; Microgaster albipennis Haliday, 1834; Alysia (Alysia) ancilla Haliday, 1838; Alysia (Alysia) angustula Haliday, 1838; Microgaster annularis Haliday, 1834; Leiophron antennalis Hincks, 1943; Leiophron apicalis Haliday, 1833; Microgaster arenarius Haliday, 1834; Colastes braconius Haliday, 1833; Opius (Opius) caesus Haliday, 1836; Microgaster callidus Haliday, 1834; Microgaster candidatus Haliday, 1834; Opius (Opius) celsus Haliday, 1836; Alysia (Alysia) cephalotes Haliday, 1833; Opius (Opius) clarus Haliday, 1836; Rhyssalus clavator Haliday, 1833; Alysia (Alysia) compressa Haliday, 1838; Alysia (Alysia) concinna Haliday, 1838; Alysia (Alysia) conspurcator Haliday, 1838; Rogas (Clinocentrus) cunctator Haliday, 1836; Ancylus cuspidatus Haliday, 1833; Rogas (Colastes) decorator Haliday, 1836; Microgaster decorus Haliday, 1834; Bracon delibator Haliday, 1833; Microgaster dilectus Haliday, 1834; Rogas dispor Haliday, 1833; Leiophron (Ancylus) edentatus Haliday, 1835; Microgaster equestris Haliday, 1834; Alysia (Alysia) eugenia Haliday, 1838; Alysia (Alysia) eunice Haliday, 1838:; Leiophron (Ancylus) excrucians Haliday, 1835; Rogas (Clinocentrus) excubitor Haliday, 1836; Microgaster exiguus Haliday, 1834; Microgaster exilis Haliday, 1834; Opius (Opius) exilis Haliday, 1836; Perilitus (Meteorus) filator Haliday, 1835; Microgaster flavipes Haliday, 1834; Helcon (Eubadizon) flavipes Haliday, 1835; Alysia (Alysia) flavipes Haliday, 1838; Alysia (Alysia) flaviventris Haliday, 1838; Alysia (Dacnusa) lateralis var. fuscula Haliday, 1839; Alysia (Alysia) galatea Haliday, 1838; Acaelius germanus Haliday, 1834; Opius (Opius) haemorrhoeus Haliday, 1836; Microgaster Maris Haliday, 1834; Microgaster immunis Haliday, 1834; Rogas (Doryctes) imperator Haliday, 1836; Microgaster infumatus Haliday, 1834; Alysia (Alysia) jaculans Haliday, 1838; Microgaster lateralis Haliday, 1834; Alysia (Dacnusa) lateralis Haliday, 1839; Leiophron (Ancylus) lituratus Haliday, 1835; Alysia (Alysia) livida Haliday, 1838; Opius (Opius) lugens Haliday, 1836; Alysia (Dacnusa) lugens Haliday, 1839; Alysia (Alysia) maculipes Haliday, 1838; Alysia (Dacnusa) marginalts Haliday, 1839; Alysia (Alysia) maria Haliday, 1838; Microgaster mediator Haliday, 1834; Rogas (Colastes) meditator Haliday, 1836; Microgaster meridianus Haliday, 1834; Microgaster messorius Haliday, 1834; Aphidius (Trioxys) minutus Haliday, 1833; Ancylus muricatus Haliday, 1833; Alysia (Chorebus) naiadum Haliday, 1839; Alysia (Alysia) nephele Haliday, 1838; Alysia (Chorebus) nereidum Haliday, 183; Alysia (Alysia) nina Haliday, 1838; Diospilus oleraceus Haliday, 1833; Opius (Opius) pactus Haliday, 1836; Opius (Opius) pendulus Haliday, 1836; Microgaster praepotens Haliday, 1834; Perilitus (Meteorus) profligator Haliday, 1835; Alysia (Alysia) pullata Haliday, 1838; Alysia (Dacnusa) pulverosa Haliday, 1839; Rogas (Heterospilus) quaestor Haliday, 1836; Microgaster rubripes Haliday, 1834; Microgaster rufricrus Haliday, 1834; Microgaster russatus Haliday, 1834; Opius (Opius) rusticus Haliday, 1836; Opius (Opius) saevus Haliday, 1836; Microgaster spectabilis Haliday, 1834; Microgaster spinolae Haliday, 1834; Opius (Opius) spretus Haliday, 1836; Alysia (Alysia) sylvia Haliday, 1839; Opius (Opius) sylvaticus Haliday, 1836; Adelius subfasciatus Haliday, 1833; Rogas (Doryctes) tabidus Haliday, 1836; Opius (Opius) tacitus Haliday, 1836; Helcon (Calyptus) tibialis Haliday, 1835; Blacus (Blacus) trivialis Haliday, 1835; Alysia (Dacnusa) uliginosa Haliday, 1839; Microgaster umbellatarum Haliday, 1834; Microgaster vestalis Haliday, 1834; Rogas (Clinocentrus) vestigator Haliday, 1836; Opius (Opius) victus Haliday, 1836; and Opius (Opius) wesmaelii Haliday, 1836.
The following new synonyms are proposed: Microgaster coniferae Haliday, 1834, with M. candidatus Haliday, 1834; M. exiguus Haliday, 1834, and M. umbellatarum Haliday, 1834,, with M. bicolor Nees, 1834; M. ingratus Haliday, 1834, with M. deprimator Fabricius, 1798; M. spinolae Haliday, 1834, and M. grandis Thomson, 1895, with M. meridianus Haliday, 1834; M. tibialis Nees, 1834 (not Curtis, 1830), with M. messorius Haliday, 1834; M. ater Ratzeburg, 1852, with M. sodalis Haliday, 1834; Bracon anthracinus Nees, 1834 with B. delibator Haliday, 1834; Opius docilis Haliday, 1836, with O. reconditor Wesmael, 1835; O. exilis Haliday, 1836, with O. pallipes Wesmael, 1835; Rogas medianus Thomson, 1892, with R. nobilis Haliday, 1834; Apanteles memnon Nixon, 1974, with Microgaster praepotens Haliday, 1834; Dacnusa marsyas Nixon, 1937, with Alysia pulverosa Haliday, 1839; Dapsilarthra carpathica van Achterberg, 1983, with Alysia sylvia Haliday, 1839; Apanteles melitaearum Wilkinson, 1937, with Microgaster vestalis Haliday, 1834; and Neoneurus viennense (Giraud, 1871) with Ecclites clypeatus Foerster, 1862.
The following genera are synonymized: Fovephedrus Chen, 1986, with Ephedrus Haliday, 1833; Aenone Haliday, 1833, Aenone Curtis, 1837, Oenone Haliday, 1839, Symphya Foerster, 1862, and Anarmus Ruthe, 1882, with Trachionus Haliday, 1833; Sixia Snellen van Vollenhoven, 1867, with Neoneurus Haliday, 1838.
The following new combinations are made: Apodesmia aemula (Haliday, 1836); Phaedrotoma aethiops (Haliday, 1836); Peristenus antennalis (Hincks, 1943) stat. nov.; Xynobius bajulus (Haliday, 1836); Chilotrichia blanda (Haliday, 1836); Xynobius caelatus (Haliday, 1836); Phaedrotoma caesa (Haliday, 1836); P. celsa (Haliday, 1836); Dinotrema concinnum (Haliday, 1838); Cotesia immunis (Haliday, 1834); Eubazus lepidus (Haliday, 1835); Phaedrotoma pacta (Haliday, 1836); Euphorus pallidistigma (Curtis, 1833); Cotesia popularis (Haliday, 1834); Chaenusa lymphata (Haliday, 1839); Phaedrotoma reconditor (Wesmael, 1835)); Trachionus ringens (Haliday, 1839); Paraorthostigma rufiventre (Nees, 1834; Apodesmia saeva (Haliday, 1836); Eubazus tibialis (Haliday, 1835); Phaedrotoma tacita (Haliday, 1836); and Atormus victus (Haliday, 1836).
A new key to the West Palaearctic species of the genus Allurus Foerster, 1862 is given. Aleiodes tricolor (Haliday, 1836) and Heterospilus quaestor Haliday, 1836 are redescribed and illustrated, and one new genus, Atormus (type species: Opius victus Haliday, 1836) is described and illustrated.
Document typearticle
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