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AuthorsC. van Achterberg, C. O'Toole
TitleAnnotated catalogue of the types of Braconidae (Hymenoptera) in the Oxford University Museum
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
KeywordsBraconidae; types; Neotropical; Oriental; Australian; Palaearctic.
AbstractAn annotated catalogue of the types of Braconidae in the Hope Entomological Collections, University Museum, Oxford, is given. The following new combinations are proposed: Aleiodes rothneyi (Shenefelt, 1975); Aniphiaulax agraensis (Cameron, 1897); Balcemena ruficollis (Cameron, 1899); Bicarinibracon tricarinatus (Cameron, 1897); Blastomorpha intrudens (Smith, 1859); Campyloneurus firmus (Cameron, 1900); ?C. itea (Cameron, 1897); Capitonius amazonicus (Westwood, 1882); C. columbianus (Westwood, 1882); C. gerasinorum (Westwood, 1882); C. nigritus (Westwood, 1882); C. sexnotatus (Westwood, 1882); Cotesia taprobanae (Cameron, 1897); Craspedolcus (s.l.) phaedo (Cameron, 1899); C. (s.s.) seditiosus (Cameron, 1899); C. (s.s.) pauperatus (Cameron, 1900); Ectemnoplax ceylonica (Cameron, 1897); Euagathis nigritarsis (Cameron, 1899); Halycaea ruficeps (Smith, 1858); Hybogaster dissimulanda (Cameron, 1897); Iphiaulax penetrans (Smith, 1862); Isoptronotum fuliginosum (Cameron, 1899); Lepton niger (Nees, 1812); Megalommum aruensis (Dalla Torre, 1898); Monilobracon deceptor (Smith, 1862); M. insinuator (Smith, 1858a); M. quadriceps (Smith, 1858); M. suspiciosus (Smith, 1858); Pachybracon borneensis (Cameron, 1897); P. declaratus (Cameron, 1899); P. jejunus (Cameron, 1899)/ ?P. rothneyi (Cameron, 1897); Pseudocremnops eyrthrocephala (Cameron, 1900); P. sculpturalis (Smith, 1858); Pseudospathius apicalis (Westwood, 1882); Shelfordia charaxa (Cameron, 1897); S. khasiana (Cameron, 1899); Siragra albomarginata (Smith, 1859); Vipio fenestratus (Smith, 1865); V. infortunatus (Schulz, 1906); V. modestus (Smith, 1858a); V. nitidus (Smith, 1858a), and Zeuzerilia perplexa (Smith, 1858). Bracon lepcha Cameron, 1899, is a new synonym of Craspedolcus (s.l.) simlaensis (Cameron, 1899), and Agathis peronata Cameron, 1899, of Euagathis forticarinata (Cameron, 1899).
Lectotypes are designated for the following species: Spinaria albiventris Cameron, 1899; Cenocoelius amazonicus Westwood, 1882; C. cephalotes Smith, 1860; Pseudobracon concolor Sz├ępligeti, 1906; Syntretus cynthius Lyle, 1927; Agathis forticarinata Cameron, 1899; A. khasiana Cameron, 1899; Bracon khasianus Cameron, 1899; Agathis nigritarsis Cameron, 1899; Agathis peronata Cameron, 1899; Ipobracon poultoni Sz├ępligeti, 1906; Perilitus profligator Haliday, 1835; Agathona sericans Westwood, 1882; Spinaria suliana Westwood, 1882; S. sulcata Smith, 1865, and Apanteles taprobanae Cameron, 1897.
Document typearticle
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