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11   Article: New records of Xestospongia species (Haplosclerida: Petrosiidae) from the Curaçao reefs, with a description of a new species
R.W.M. van Soest, W.H. de Weerdt, in: Beaufortia, Vol. 51 (2001), p. 109-117
12   Article: Mycale species (Porifera: Poecilosclerida) of Northwest Africa and the Macaronesian Islands
R.W.M. van Soest, E.J. Beglinger, N.J. de Voogd, in: Zoologische Mededelingen, Vol. 88 (2014), p. 59-109
13   Article: Marine shallow-water Haplosclerida (Porifera) from the South-Eastern Part of the North Atlantic Ocean
W.H. de Weerdt, R.W.M van Soest, in: Zoologische Verhandelingen, Vol. 225 (1986), p. 1-49
14   Article: Latrunculia oparinae n. sp. (Demospongiae, Poecilosclerida, Latrunculiidae) from the Kurile Islands, Sea of Okhotsk, Russia
Toufiek Samaai, Vladimir Krasokhin, in: Beaufortia, Vol. 52 (2002), p. 95-101
15   Article: Indonesian sponges of the genus Petrosia Vosmaer (Demospongiae: Haplosclerida)
N.J. de Voogd, R.W.M. van Soest, in: Zoologische Mededelingen, Vol. 76, 1-16 (2002), p. 193-209
16   Article: Haliclona (Halichoclona) vansoesti n. sp., a new chalinid sponge species (Porifera, Demospongiae, Haplosclerida) from the Caribbean
Wallie H. de Weerdt, Mario J. de Kluijver, Raquel Gomez, in: Beaufortia, Vol. 49 (1999), p. 47-54
17   Article: Haliclona (Halichoclona) vanderlandi spec. nov. (Porifera: Demospongiae: Haplosclerida) from Indonesia
W.H. de Weerdt, R.W.M. van Soest, in: Zoologische Verhandelingen, Vol. 334 (2001), p. 189-194
18   Article: Fossil and modern sponge fauna of southern Australia and adjacent regions compared: interpretation, evolutionary and biogeographic significance of the late Eocene ‘soft’ sponges
M. Łukowiak, in: Contributions to Zoology, Vol. 85 (2016), p. 13-35
19   Article: Evaluation of the ecological function of amphitoxin in the reef-dwelling sponge Callyspongia (Euplacella) biru (Haplosclerida: Callyspongiidae) at southwest Sulawesi, Indonesia
N.J. de Voogd, J.J.H. Haftka, B.W. Hoeksema, in: Contributions to Zoology, Vol. 74, 1/2 (2005), p. 51-59
20   Article: Erylus toxiformis (Porifera, Geodiidae), a new species from the southwestern Atlantic
Beatriz Mothes, Cléa Lerner, in: Beaufortia, Vol. 49 (1999), p. 29-33