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AuthorsH.H. Dijkstra, R.N. Kilburn
TitleThe family Pectinidae in South Africa and Mozambique (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Pectinoidea)
JournalAfrican Invertebrates
KeywordsBivalvia; Pectinoidea; Pectinidae; South Africa; Mozambique
AbstractOf the 29 species of Pectinidae here recorded from South Africa and Mozambique, ca. 76% have Indo-West Pacific origins, 17% are of Mediterranean-West African origin and ca. 7% are probably of Southern
Ocean origin.
New species: Mirapecten tuberosus, Veprichlamys africana.
New subspecies: Aequipecten commutatus peripheralis.
New synonyms: Chlamys liltvedi Wagner, 1984 = Laevichlamys lemniscata(Reeve, 1853). Genus Karnekampia Wagner, 1988 = Pseudamussium Mörch, 1853, Somalipecten Waller, 1996 = Mirapecten Dall, Bartsch & Rehder, 1938. Perapecten Wagner, 1985, and Lindapecten Petuch, 1995 = Aequipecten Fischer, 1886.
New records for South Africa: Delectopecten musorstomi Poutiers, 1981; Anguipecten picturatus Dijkstra, 1995; Decatopecten amiculum (Philippi, 1851); D. plica (Linnaeus, 1758); Glorichlamys elegantissima (Deshayes, 1863); Gloripallium pallium (Linnaeus, 1758); Juxtamusium maldivense (Smith, 1903); Laevichlamys deliciosa (Iredale, 1939), L. lemniscata (Reeve, 1853); Pedum spondyloideum (Gmelin, 1791); Semipallium crouchi (Smith, 1892); S. flavicans (Linnaeus, 1758); Haumea minuta (Linnaeus, 1758).
New combinations: Chlamys gilchristi Sowerby, 1904, to Pseudamussium; Chlamys weberi Bavay, 1904, to Laevichlamys; Pecten coruscans Hinds, 1845, to Semipallium; Chylams [sic] humilis Sowerby, 1904, and Ostrea multistriata Poli, 1795, to Talochlamys.
Lectotypes designated: Pallium striatum Schumacher, 1817; Pecten velutinus Sowerby, 1842; Pecten strangei Reeve, 1852.
Document typearticle
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