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AuthorsV Vasícek, P.J. Hoedemaeker
TitleSmall Berriasian, lower Valanginian and Barremian heteromorphic ammonites from the Río Argos succession (Caravaca, southeast Spain)
JournalScripta Geologica
KeywordsHeteromorphic ammonites; Berriasian; Valanginian; Barremian; southeast Spain
AbstractThe small heteromorphic ammonites from the Berriasian, lower Valanginian and Barremian strata of the Río Argos succession (west of Caravaca, southeast Spain) are described. One new genus is introduced, Sabaudiella (type species Ancyloceras sabaudianum Pictet & de Loriol, 1858), and three new species, Sabaudiella argosensis (small paraspinoid shell), Protancyloceras obscurocostatum (weak retroverse ribs with small ventrolateral tubercles) and P.? evolutum (evolute shell with occasional fibulation).
Classification42.73 ; 38.22
Document typearticle
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