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AuthorsD.N. Lewis, S.K. Donovan, P. Crabb, D.J. Gladwell
TitleA field guide to the Silurian Echinodermata of the British Isles: Part 1 - Eleutherozoa and Rhombifera
JournalScripta Geologica
KeywordsEchinoderms; Silurian; British Isles; echinoids; asteroids; ophiuroids; cystoids; ophiocystitoids
AbstractThe Palaeozoic echinoderms of the British Isles are most diverse in the Silurian and Lower Carboniferous. This guide discusses and illustrates members of all major groups of echinoderms, apart from the crinoids, from the Silurian of these islands. Groups considered include the echinoids (five taxa), ophiuroids (ten taxa) and asteroids (thirteen taxa), and the extinct ophiocistioids (three species) and rhombiferan cystoids (nine species).
Classification38.22 ; 42.72
Document typearticle
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