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AuthorsX. Chen, C. van Achterberg
TitleRevision of the subfamily Euphorinae (excluding the tribe Meteorini Cresson) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from China
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
KeywordsBraconidae; Euphorinae; Palaearctic; Oriental; new genus; new species; China.
AbstractThe subfamily Euphorinae (excluding the tribe Meteorini Cresson) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from China is revised. In total 150 species, belonging to 24 genera, are treated and keyed. One genus (Heia gen. nov.; type species: Heia robustipes spec. nov.) and 69 species are described as new to science.
Seven genera and 16 species are new to the fauna of China. Three genera (Euphorus Nees, 1834, Leiophron Nees, 1818, and Peristenus Foerster, 1862) are redefined. The subgeneric division of the genus Streblocera Westwood is reassessed and one new subgenus (Villocera subgen. nov.; type species: Streblocera villosa Papp, 1985) is proposed. The following synonyms are established: Euphoriella Ashmead, 1900, with Leiophron Nees, 1818; Aridelus hunanensis You, Xiong & Zhou, 1988, with A. rutilipes Papp, 1965; Aridelus destitutes Chou, 1987, with A. nigricans Chao, 1974; Streblocera guizhouensis You & Lou, 1993, with S. villosa Papp, 1985; Bracteodes ceranae You & Zhou, 1991, with Syntretomorpha szaboi Papp, 1962 and Wesmaelia pendula Foerster, 1862, with Euphorus petiolatus Wollaston, 1850. The following new names are proposed: Streblocera chaoi nom. nov. for S. serrata Chao, 1993 and Myiocephalini nom. nov. for Loxocephalini Shaw, 1985. Wesmaelia petiolata (Wollaston, 1850) is a new combination.
An aberrant species of the tribe Meteorini (Meteorus erratus spec. nov.) is included, because of its similarity to some members of the tribe Perilitini Foerster, 1862.
Document typearticle
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