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AuthorsJ.J. van Aartsen, E. Gittenberger, J. Goud
TitlePyramidellidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Heterobranchia) collected during the Dutch CANCAP and MAURITANIA expeditions in the south-eastern part of the North Atlantic Ocean (part 1). CANCAP-project. Contributions, no. 119
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
KeywordsPyramidellidae; new species; North Atlantic Ocean.
AbstractThe species of the Pyramidellidae collected during several expeditions in the south-eastern part of the North Atlantic Ocean are listed, with locality data, depth ranges, and notes on nomenclature, systematics and distribution. The samples classified with the genera Pyramidella, Tiberia, Adelactaeon, Odetta, Folinella, Ondina, Odostomia, Puposyrnola and Eulimella (partly) are dealt with in this paper. In total 64 species are reported from the research area, 32 of which are described as new to science; one nomen novum is introduced. Lectotypes of Aclis tricarinata Watson, 1897, Monoptygma puncturata Smith, 1872, Odetta sulcata de Folin, 1870, and Odostomia sulcifera Smith, 1872, are designated and figured. In an appendix, the complete locality data of the Mauritania I & II expeditions are published for the first time.
Document typearticle
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