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AuthorF. Cassola
TitleStudies on Tiger Beetles. CII. The Cicindelidae collected by Roland A. Müller in the Philippine Islands, with description of three new species (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
Volume73, 12-33
KeywordsCicindelidae; tiger beetles; Philippine Islands; new data; new species
AbstractThe tiger beetles are discussed which have been collected by Mr Roland A. Müller (St. Gallen, Switzerland) in the course of his several expeditions to the Philippine Islands, together with a few more specimens from other sources. Distributional new data are provided for several interesting or poorly known species, and moreover three new species are described: Heptodonta mindoroensis spec. nov. from Mindoro Island, Lophyridia mindanaoensis spec. nov. from Mindanao, and Thopeutica (Thopeutica) rolandmuelleri spec. nov. also from Mindanao.
Note(Results of the Roland Müller Zoological Expeditions to the Philippines, No. 16.)
Document typearticle
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