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AuthorsP.B. Pelser, B. Gravendeel, E.F. de Vogel
TitleRevision of Coelogyne section Fuliginosae (Orchidaceae)
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
KeywordsCoelogyne sect. Fuliginosae; orchids; phenetics; pollinia; systematics
AbstractSection Fuliginosae Pfitzer & Kraenzl. of the genus Coelogyne Lindl. is revised. With the help of a pollen study, principal component and cluster analyses with morphological characters and a survey of some additional data, two species are recognized (C. fimbriata and C. triplicatula), including one dubious variety (C. fimbriata var. acuminata). Eleven names are reduced to synonymy. Three species formerly included in sect. Fuliginosae by several authors are excluded ( (C. micrantha, C. treutleri and C. schilleriana).
Document typearticle
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