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AuthorJ.A. Miller
TitleSynaphridae of Madagascar (Araneae: Araneoidea): A New Family Record for the Afrotropical Region
JournalProceedings of the California Academy of Sciences. Fourth series
Keywordstaxonomy; synapomorphy; scanning electron microscopy; Africepheia; Cepheia; Synaphris
AbstractThe spider family Synaphridae is reported for the first time from Madagascar. Three new species are described. Africepheia gen. nov. is established for A. madagascariensis sp. nov.; two species of Synaphris Simon, 1894 are described: S. schlingeri sp. nov. and S. toliara sp. nov. Diagnostic characteristics for the family and putative synapomorphies are discussed, elucidated by scanning electron microscope images representing both Malagasy genera. This research highlights the connection between large scale collecting efforts in biodiversity hotspots like Madagascar and advances in systematics.
Document typearticle
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