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AuthorAngelina Brandt
TitleSphaeromatidae (Crustacea, Isopoda) of the Beagle Channel and description of Cymodopsis beageli n. sp
KeywordsCrustacea; Isopoda; taxonomy; Beagle Channel; South America; Southern Ocean; Subantarctic
AbstractDuring an expedition with RV Victor Hensen (1994) and the RV Polarstern (1996) Isopoda Sphaeromatidae were collected in and off the eastern entrance of the Beagle Channel. The species found, Caecocassidias patagonica Kussakin, 1967, Cassidinopsis emarginata (Guérin-Méneville, 1843) and Moruloidea darwinii (Cunningham, 1871), were previously all poorly or insufficiently described; therefore a redescription is presented herein. Exosphaeroma gigas (Leach, 1818) was also collected frequently, but it was already redescribed earlier and thus only the localities are presented. Moreover, a new species, Cymodopsis beageli, n.sp., which is most closely allied to Cymodopsis sphyracephalata Hurley & Janssen, 1977, is described from the Beagle Channel.
Document typearticle
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