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AuthorsA. Guille, W.J. Wolff
TitleRésultats Biologiques de L'expédition Snellius. Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea I
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
KeywordsEchinodermata; Ophiuroidea; taxonomy; Indonesia.
AbstractDuring our studies of this first part of the brittle-stars collection of the Snellius Expedition (1929-1930) in Indonesia, 37 species were found. Among these, a new genus and a new species of Amphiurid, Paramphichondrius tetradontus, are described; Ophiothrix picteti Loriol is transferred from the subgenus Acanthophiothrix to Ophiothrix s.s.; 17 other species, either rare or of taxonomically confused status, are discussed, i.e., Astroceras elegans, Ophiocentrus koehleri and O. vexator, Macrophiothrix belli, M. longipeda, M. rhabdota, and M. sp. aff. variabilis, Ophiothrix contenta, O. savignyi and O. trilineata (with a new synonym: O. tristis), O. (Acanthophiothrix) armata, O. (A.) spinossissima, O. (Keystonea) martensi, O. (Placophiothrix) hybrida and O. (P.). striolata, Ophionereis thryptica and O. variegata.
Document typearticle
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