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AuthorsM.A. Bologna, A. Di Giulio
TitleRevision of the genus Trichomeloe Reitter, with the description of new species and first instar larvae (Coleoptera: Meloidae)
JournalContributions to Zoology
Keywordsbionomics; distribution; key; larval morphology; new species; synonymies; taxonomy
AbstractThe Palaearctic genus Trichomeloe is reviewed and newly defined on the basis of larval and adult characters. Its position among the Lyttini tribe is discussed. Trichomeloe includes eight species, mostly from the Near East. The bionomics of the genus is summarized, together with a key to the species, an annotated catalogue and some taxonomic remarks. T. syriacus n. sp. from Syria and T. mesopotamicus n. sp. from northern Irak, are described. The first instar larva of T. syriacus is described and compared with that of T. chrysocomus, both figured by scanning electron microscopy photographs.
Document typearticle
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