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AuthorsK.K.M. Kulju, P.C. van Welzen
TitleRevision of the genus Cleidion (Euphorbiaceae) in Malesia
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
KeywordsCleidion; Acalypheae; Cleidiinae; revision; taxonomy; Malesia
AbstractA revision of the Malesian species in the genus Cleidion is presented. Cleidion javanicum is shown to be the correct name for the widespread type species (instead of the name C. spiciflorum). A new species, C. luziae, resembling C. javanicum, is described from the Moluccas, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. In addition, C. salomonis is synonymised with C. papuanum and C. lanceolatum is treated as a variety of C. ramosii. In total 7 Malesian Cleidion species are recognized. Cleidion megistophyllum from the Philippines cannot reliably be confirmed to belong to the genus due to lack of information and specimens and is treated as a doubtful species.
Document typearticle
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