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AuthorsM. Martins, M.E. Oliveira
TitleThe snakes of the genus Atractus Wagler (Reptilia: Squamata: Colubridae) from the Manaus region, central Amazonia, Brazil
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
Keywordsserpentes; Colubridae; Atractus; taxonomy; natural history; central Amazonia
AbstractTaxonomic and natural history data are presented on eight species of Atractus from the Manaus region, central Amazonia, Brazil, namely: A. alphonsehogei, A. latifrons, A, major, A. poeppigi, A. schach, A. snethlageae, A. torquatus, and A. trilineatus. Four of these species are recorded for the first time for the region, which indicates the scarcity of snake collections in central Amazonia.
Apresentamos dados sobre a taxonomia e a história natural de oito espéies de Atractus da região de Manaus, Amazônia central, Brasil: A. alphonsehogei, A. latifrons, A. major, A. poeppigi, A, schach, A. snethlageae, A. torquatus e A. trilineatus. Quatro destas espécies são registradas pela primeira vez para a região, o que indica a escassez de coletas de serpentes na Amazônia central.
Document typearticle
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