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AuthorA.J. de Boer
TitleTen species added to the genus Aedeastria De Boer, 1990, with the description of eight new species and notes on the taxonomy and biogeography (Homoptera, Tibicinidae)
KeywordsAedeastria; taxonomy; biogeography; New Guinea; Maluku
AbstractA new concept is proposed for the cicad genus Aedeastria De Boer, 1990, so that ten species can be added, bringing the total number of species to twelve. Of these ten species added to the genus, two (A. latifrons (Blöte) and A. digitata (Blöte)) are redescribed and transferred from Baeturia Stål, while eight species (A. bullata, A. cheesmanae, A. dilobata, A. hastulata, A. kaiensis, and A. moluccensis, A. obiensis, A. waigeuensis) are described as new. A key to the males of Aedeastria is presented. Aedeastria belongs to a group of Australian and New Guinean genera, defined earlier as the “Baeturia and related genera complex” and is very closely related to the genus Thaumastopsaltria Kirkaldy of that complex. Though no cladogram is presented, the distribution of several characters, and their probable phylogenetic significance, is discussed. Aedeastria is widely distributed in New Guinea and some adjacent islands, and has two species in northern Maluku. The genus appears to be concentrated in western New Guinea, especially the high number of endemic species on the various islands around Cendrawasih is remarkable.
Document typearticle
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