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AuthorM. Kato
TitleTaxonomy, phylogeny and biogeography
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
KeywordsBiogeography; Cladopus (syn. Torrenticola); Malesia; phylogeny; Podostemaceae; taxonomy; Terniopsis (syn. Malaccotristicha)
AbstractTwo genera and four species of Podostemaceae in Malesia are enumerated and a key to the species is provided. They are morphologically distinct from each other. Cladopus javanicus and C. nymanii are endemic to Java and Malesia, respectively, and C. queenslandicus occurs in eastern Papua New Guinea and north-eastern Australia. Terniopsis malayana, formerly called Malaccotristicha malayana, is distributed in Peninsular Malaysia to Peninsular Thailand. Asian Podostemoideae including Cladopus are a product of secondary diversification following a single migration, while Tristichoideae with Terniopsis show primary diversification in Asia.
Document typearticle
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