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AuthorsBr. Theowald, P. Oosterbroek
TitleThe zoogeography of the western Palaearctic Tipulidae (Diptera). X. The Tipulidae of the eastern Mediterranean islands
JournalBijdragen tot de Dierkunde
KeywordsDiptera; Tipulidae; zoogeography; Mediterranean
AbstractA discussion is presented about the zoogeography of the Tipulidae known from the eastern Mediterranean islands; 54 nonendemic and 19 endemic species and subspecies are presently known from 25 islands. The non-endemic and endemic Tipulidae fauna of the islands close to Greece and Turkey is very similar to the fauna of the adjacent mainland. Older endemic as well as more widespread but relict species are found especially on the southern Aegean islands and on Cyprus. The Tipulidae fauna of the Kikládhes apparently is at large of quite recent, probably late Pleistocene origin.
Document typearticle
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