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AuthorsOdette Afonso, Jean-Paul Henry, Guy Magniez
TitleNouvelles données sur le genre Bragasellus (Crustacea: Isopoda: Asellidae)
JournalContributions to Zoology
KeywordsBragasellus; stygobionts; active expansion; recent alluvial deposits; taxonomy; new species; zoogeography; Iberian Peninsula
AbstractFrom now on, the genus Bragasellus Henry & Magniez, 1968 includes 2 oculated and 17 stygobiotic species. As a natural and monophyletic taxonomic unit, we consider it a good genus.
Its original area corresponds to the north-west quarter of the Iberian Peninsula. Secondarily, this area has extended eastward, using mainly the alluvial channels of hydrographic systems (Ríos Douro + Ebro and tributaries), finally reaching the underground waters of several Mediterranean rivers.
This active expansion is exclusively due to the migration of two stygobiotic sibling species: B. lagari Henry & Magniez, 1973 towards the high basin of the Río Tajo, then downstream to the basins of the Ríos Jucar and Turia (Prov. Valencia); and B. lagarioides n. sp., downstream the Río Ebro basin, towards the Río Gaya basin (Prov. Tarragona).
Document typearticle
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