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AuthorP. Ballmann
TitleFossile Vögel aus dem Neogen der Halbinsel Gargano (Italien) = Fossil birds from the Neogene of the Gargano Peninsula, Italy
JournalScripta Geologica
AbstractOver two hundred bones from the Upper Miocene of Gargano are recognized as belonging to 13 different species of birds. All of them are land birds representing four orders: Falconiformes (5 species), Galliformes (1), Strigiformes (6), Passeriformes (1). One new genus (Garganoaetus) and four new species are described. Among the birds of prey Garganoaetus freudenthali nov. sp. is an eagle of great size, and Tyto gigantea nov. sp. an owl of gigantic dimensions, comparatively speaking.
Document typearticle
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