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AuthorZ. Vasícek
TitleComments on some new occurrences of heteromorph ammonites in the Lower Cretaceous (late Valanginian — early Barremian) of the Eastern Alpine and Western Carpathian systems
JournalScripta Geologica. Special Issue
Keywordsheteromorph ammonites; Lower Cretaceous; Silesian Unit; Reichraming Nappe
AbstractNew records of heteromorph ammonites from the Silesian Unit of the Outer Western Carpathians (Czech Republic) are represented especially by small pyrite steinkerns with suture lines preserved. A lesser proportion of them belongs to representatives of the subfamily Bochianitidae from the Valanginian. Among the most interesting is Baculina rouyana d’Orbigny. Another group consists primarily of lower Barremian Leptoceratoidinae. In addition to commonly occurring species of Hamulinites and Leptoceratoides, an Eoheteroceras assemblage is often found, represented partially by new elements. Heteromorphs from the Northern Calcareous Alps (Austria) come from marly Hauterivian limestones. Ptychoceras meyrati is present through most of the Hauterivian. Well-dated finds of less well-known species occur sporadically, such as Megacrioceras doublieri, Pseudomoutoniceras ex gr. annulare, Acrioceras (Paraspinoceras) pulcherrimum, and A. (Garroniceras) picteti.
Classification38.22 ; 42.73
Document typearticle
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