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Record: oai:ARNO:209644

AuthorW. Vervoort
TitleLeptolida (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) collected during the CANCAP and Mauritania-II expeditions of the National Museum of Natural History, Leiden, The Netherlands [Anthoathecata, various families of Leptothecata and addenda]
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsCnidaria; Hydrozoa; Leptolida; Anthoathecata; Leptothecata; Bougainvilliidae; Pennariidae; Zancleidae; Hydractiniidae; Oceanidae; Eudendriidae; Phialellidae; Mitrocomidae; Lovenellidae; Campanulinidae; Lafoeidae; north-eastern Atlantic; geographical distribution
AbstractForty leptolid species are described from the north-eastern Atlantic (Macaronesian area and the coasts of Mauritania and Morocco) and additional data are given for 44 leptolids described in previous reports. Two new species of Hydractinia and one new species of Zygophylax are described. Zygophylax echinata Calder & Vervoort, 1998 has been synonymized with Zygophylax sagamiensis Hirohito, 1983. The geographical boundaries of several species have been extended amongst which some (Hydractinia multitentaculata Millard, 1975; Hydractinia marsupialia Millard, 1975, Hydrocorella africana Stechow, 1921) that were hitherto considered to be endemic to South African oceanic waters. Halecium sessile Norman, 1867, turned up in the CANCAP collections after the publication of the report on Haleciidae from CANCAP (Medel & Vervoort, 2000) and is described here. All material described in the present report is preserved in the collections of the National Museum of Natural History Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands; the collection numbers of the samples and those of the microslide preparations are given in the text.
NoteCANCAP-project. Contributions, no. 128
Document typearticle
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