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Record: oai:ARNO:215076

AuthorP. Mordan
TitleThe anatomy and phylogeny of the African land snail Limicena Connolly, 1925 (Pulmonata: Cerastidae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
Volume72, 1-10
KeywordsPulmonata; Orthurethra; Cerastidae; Limicena; anatomy; pseudosigmurethrous condition; biogeography; Africa; parsimony analysis
AbstractAn investigation of the anatomy of Limicena confirms its position as a monotypic genus in the Cerastidae. Phylogenetic analysis places Limicena as the most plesiomorphic member of a clade characterised by a pseudosigmurethrous excretory system, the more advanced members of which are Rhachistia, Amimopina and Edouardia. Its position at the base of such a widely dispersed, advanced clade with apparently xerophilic adaptations lends support to a dispersalist hypothesis for the extra-Afrotropical distribution of the Cerastidae.
Document typearticle
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