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Record: oai:ARNO:219159

AuthorsP. Montoya, L. Alcalá, J. Morales
TitleIndarctos (Ursidae, Mammalia) from the Spanish Turolian (Upper Miocene)
JournalScripta Geologica
KeywordsMammalia; Ursidae; Miocene; Spain
AbstractAbundant fossils of the bear Indarctos atticus (Weithofer, 1888) from the Lower Turolian (MN11) site of Crevillente 2 (Alicante, Spain) and some new material from the Middle Turolian (MN12) of Concud and Valdecebro 5 (Teruel, Spain) are described. On the other hand some dental remains from Crevillente 2 are identified as Indarctos sp. cf. I. vireti Villalta & Crusafont, 1943 on the basis of their small size. The status of different Indarctos species are discussed.
Classification42.84 ; 38.22
Document typearticle
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