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Record: oai:ARNO:219419

AuthorsA. Göth, U. Vogel, E. Curio
TitleThe acoustic communication of the Polynesian megapode Megapodius pritchardii G. R. Gray
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
KeywordsPolynesian megapode; Megapodius pritchardii; vocalization; repertoire; duet; signal function
AbstractThe acoustic communication of the Polynesian megapode Megapodius pritchardii G.R. Gray, 1864, was studied and analysed for the first time. Adults pair up monogamously and the male produces so called whistles while guarding its mate. The three-element song of the male together with the females`s “coo” call are combined to produce a duet. Depending on the social context, either sex may initiate the duet. Both male song and duet serve mainly in territorial defence. Neighbouring pairs often answer by producing the same sound in response to any one of three vocalizations (song, duet, whistle). “Clucks” are additional sounds with a social function uttered by both sexes. When handled, adults and chicks utter “distress calls”; in chicks, these are the only sounds recorded. Other Megapodius species seem to have a similar sound-repertoire as the Polynesian megapode.
Note(Proceedings of the Third International Megapode Symposium, Nhill, Australia, December 1997)
Document typearticle
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