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Record: oai:ARNO:219858

AuthorK. Alexander
TitleChanging distributions of Cantharidae and Buprestidae within Great Britain (Coleoptera)
PublisherEuropean Invertebrate Survey - the Netherlands
Book/source titleChanges in ranges: invertebrates on the move. Proceedings of the 13th International Colloquium of the European Invertebrate Survey, Leiden, 2-5 September 2001  
EditorsM. Reemer, P.J. Helsdingen, R.M.J.C. Kleukers
KeywordsBiological recording; Changing distributions; Cantharidae; Buprestidae; Coleoptera
AbstractChanging distributions of Cantharidae and Buprestidae within Great Britain (Coleoptera)
Data are presented on the distribution of selected species from two coleopteran families chosen to represent a random slice of the British fauna. The species have been chosen as exhibiting extremes of range changes, from declining species, through stable distributions, to expanding species. Examination of this small group of beetles already reveals significant changes, some of which may be related to global climate change. Predictions can be made about which others of these beetle families are likely to show detectable changes in range in the near future.
Document typechapter
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