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Record: oai:ARNO:227763

AuthorsE.J. van Niekerken, A. Mazurkiewicz, K. Pałka
TitleTrifurcula pallidella (Duponchel, 1843) (Nepticulidae): distribution, biology and immature stages, particularly in Poland
JournalNota Lepidopterologica
Volume27 (2/3)
KeywordsTrifurcula; distribution maps; hostplants; galls; Cytisus; Lembotropis; Chamaecytisus; Calicotome; Fabaceae; Genisteae; Braconidae; Mirax
AbstractTrifurcula pallidella (Duponchel, 1843) is recorded for the first time from 30 localities in south-eastern Poland. The biology is described and illustrated in detail for the first time: the larva makes spindle shaped galls in stems of Chamaecytisus spp., Lembotropis nigricans, and Cytisus procumbens. In Poland it is usually found on dry grassland or edges of woodland on calcareous soils. The larva, pupa and galls are described and illustrated. The distribution is revised and mapped on the basis of material and literature: its occurrence in Germany: Bavaria, Italy mainland and Sicily is confirmed, and new records are given for Corsica and Crete. It is widespread from Southeast Poland southwards throughout the Balkans and eastwards to the Volga, in the West to Regensburg in Germany, southern Switzerland, western Italy and Corsica. It is believed to use a different host in Mediterranean localities, possibly Calicotome. All known hosts and Calicotome belong to the monophyletic Cytisus group of recent molecular studies.
Document typearticle
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