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Record: oai:ARNO:261779

AuthorsM. Schilthuizen, M. Perreau
TitleNew species and new records of Ptomaphaginus Portevin from the Sunda region, Southeast Asia (Coleoptera: Leiodidae: Cholevinae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsCholevidae; Catopidae; Cholevinae; genitalia; speciation; Malaysia; Indonesia; Singapore; new species
AbstractThis paper aims to fill some gaps in the taxonomic knowledge of the genus Ptomaphaginus for the Sunda region (in insular and peninsular Southeast Asia). We have refrained from a full regional revision. However, we present new distribution records for the following previously described species: Ptomaphaginus murphyi Szymczakowski, 1970 (Malaysia); P. rufus Jeannel, 1936 (Malaysia); P. tarsalis Szymczakowski, 1964 (Sumatra); P. aff. scaphaner Szymczakowski, 1972 (Malaysia, Java); P. sinuatus Schilthuizen, 1984 (Java); P. baliensis Perreau, 1995 (Sumatra). We also name 12 new species: P. anas spec. nov. (Malaysia); P. bryantioides spec. nov. (Borneo); P. caroli spec. nov. (Borneo), P. similipes spec. nov. (Borneo); P. kinabaluensis spec. nov. (Borneo); P. latimanus spec. nov. (Borneo); P. burckhardti spec. nov. (Borneo); P. giachinoi spec. nov. (Sumatra); P. agostii spec. nov. (Java); P. kurbatovi spec. nov. (Java); P. loeblianus spec. nov. (Sumatra). P. sabahensis spec. nov. (Borneo), and one new synonym (P. balazuci Perreau, 1995 syn. nov. for P. obtusus Szymczakowski 1959). Finally, we highlight a group of species with a characteristically shaped aedeagus, which are targeted for further phylogenetic and evolutionary study. In view of the 250th anniversary of zoological nomenclature, we name one species in honour of Carolus Linnaeus.
Document typearticle
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