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Record: oai:ARNO:315884

AuthorP.N. Buhl
TitleNew species of Platygastridae from Vietnam (Hymenoptera: Platygastroidea)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsHymenoptera; Platygastroidea; Platygastridae; Platygastrinae; Sceliotrachelinae; Amblyaspis; Isostasius Leptacis; Platygaster; Sacespalus; Synopeas; Oriental; Vietnam; keys; new species
AbstractThe following 27 species are described as new to science: Amblyaspis latiscapa spec. nov., A. vietnamensis spec. nov., Isostasius achterbergi spec. nov., Leptacis daklakensis spec. nov., L. dentiformis spec. nov., L. leptospina spec. nov., L. pilata spec. nov., L. semifusca spec. nov., L. subfilicornis spec. nov., L. vietnamensis spec. nov., Platygaster achterbergiana spec. nov., P. acuticeps spec. nov., P. convexissima spec. nov., P. guapa spec. nov., P. macroceps spec. nov., P. rufopetiolata spec. nov., P. seminuda spec. nov., P. vietnamensis spec. nov., Sacespalus vriesi spec. nov., Synopeas bister spec. nov., S. coriaceus spec. nov., S. nigrispinus spec. nov., S. protuberatus spec. nov., S. terminalis spec. nov., S. transluceus spec. nov., S. vietnamianus spec. nov, and S. westwoodi spec. nov. A key to the Oriental species of Amblyaspis, and to the known species of Sacespalus are given.
Document typearticle
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