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Record: oai:ARNO:317238

AuthorP.C. Goudswaard
TitleOnderzoek naar het voorkomen van Portunion maenadis en Priapion fraissei (Isopoda: Epicaridea) in het Nederlandse kustgebied
JournalZoologische Bijdragen
KeywordsIsopoda; Epicaridea; Portunion maenadis; Priapion fraissei; Decapoda; Carcinus maenas; Liocarcinus holsatus; North Sea; parasitism.
AbstractInvestigation of large samples of Carcinus maenas and Liocarcinus holsatus from the southern part of the North Sea to decide the incidence of the parasites Portunion maenadis and Priapion fraissei, showed that none of the 2390 C. maenas studied were parasitised, and that 119 of 5514 Liocarcinus holsatus were parasitised by Priapion fraissei. From these data it is concluded that Portunion maenadis is absent, or at least very rare in Dutch coastal waters.
Document typearticle
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