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Record: oai:ARNO:317493

AuthorP. Ballmann
TitleFossile Vögel aus dem Neogen der Halbinsel Gargano (Italien), zweiter Teil = Fossil birds from the Gargano Peninsula (Italy), Part two
JournalScripta Geologica
AbstractA new collection of over three hundred bird bones from the Upper Miocene of Gargano is described. Eight different orders are represented: Anseriformes (1 species), Falconiformes (2), Galliformes (1), Strigiformes (6), Columbiformes (1), Apodiformes (1), Piciformes (1) and Passeriformes. Two of the three new species are assigned to extant genera: Columba omnisanctorum and Apus wetmorei, while a new strigid owl of the size of Nyctea scandiaca is believed to represent a new endemic genus. It is provisionally called Strix ? perpasta. The increase in size of the Accipitridae and the Strigiformes allows to distinguish five different biozones and thus to arrange a number of localities into a stratigraphical sequence.
Document typearticle
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